Undergraduate Study - Chemistry Major

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology offers a broad and comprehensive program of study that leads to immediate employment as a chemist or admission to graduate/professional schools for further education. A major in Chemistry may be completed in several ways.  Various options permit students to select an area of concentration that reflects their particular interests and career goals. Course requirements for each of the majors are available through the list of options that appears below.

The Department also offers an honors program for eligible students. Requirements for participation in the chemistry honors programs are described in the section on Honors and Awards.


Options and Suggested Course Schedules for the Chemistry Major

Most students majoring in chemistry select one from among the several options listed below and described in the links to them. The links show the required courses and recommended schedules of classes for each option. These schedules are the most efficient, but not the only possible paths to a degree. The schedules assume that a first-year student will have completed pre-calculus, which is a requirement for all General Chemistry courses. As with all SAS majors, students also may design their own programs with the permission of the department.

Options for Chemistry Major

  1. Core Option
  2. General American Chemical Society (ACS) Option (G)
  3. Chemical Biology Option (C)
  4. Environmental Option (D)
  5. Business/Law Option (E)
  6. Chemical Physics Option (F)
  7. Forensic Chemistry Option (M)