Rutgers Chemistry Students Visit Jilin University

Dr. Hayes and four of our Rutgers Chemistry students, Lauren Hall, Mikio LaCapra, Hunya Usmani, and Nicholas Rojvall traveled to Jilin University in Changchun, China as part of the Rutgers-Jilin University Exchange Program.

tarmac Beijing airport
On the tarmac at the Beijing airport. We just made our flight to Changchun!

campus grounds Jilin University
Nicholas Rojvall, Hunya Usmani, Mikio LaCapra and Lauren Hall and Dr. Hayes on the campus grounds of Jilin University.

Tang Aoquing chemistry building
Outside the famous Tang Aoquing chemistry building at Jilin University.

next class Jilin exchange students
The next class of Jilin exchange students who will be studying at Rutgers in the fall.

Welcome Meeting
Our group with Jing Chi, the program coordinator, Wang Rui, the Deputy Director of Undergraduate Education and Fall 2016 program alumni!