Research Area

Physical Chemistry

Baum, Jean
Structural studies of proteins by nuclear magnetic resonance techniques
Breslauer, Kenneth J.
Biopolymer structures and drug-nucleic acid interactions
Case, David
Theoretical / Computational
Castner, Jr., Edward W.
Physical chemistry and chemical physics of ionic liquids
Cotter, Martha A.
Theoretical studies of liquid crystalline systems
Garfunkel, Eric
Nanoscience and technology, nanoelectronics, surface and interface science, materials for alternative energy, nanowires, catalysis, sensors, organic electronics, nanotoxicology
Hall, Gene S.
Applied analytical chemistry, trace analysis of environmental and geological samples
Hayes, Robert
Herzog, Gregory F.
Origin and evolution of solar system materials, cosmogenic radionuclides
Hinch, Jane
Molecular beam-surface interactions, surface diffractive techniques
Krenos, John
Collision dynamics of electronic energy transfer
Krogh-Jespersen, Karsten
Computational studies of molecular electronic structure
Nieuwkoop, Andrew Jon
Solid-state NMR of proteins and membranes. Focusing on proton detection and very fast MAS.
Olson, Wilma K.
Theoretical studies of nucleic acid conformation, properties, and interactions
Potenza, Joseph A.
Molecular structure, X-ray diffraction, magnetic resonance
York, Darrin M.
The development and application of multi-scale quantum methods for simulations of biological reactions.