Research Area

Organic Chemistry

Goldman, Alan
Organometallic chemistry: reactions, mechanisms, photochemistry, and catalysis
Jimenez, Leslie
Synthesis and characterization of analogues of antitumor antibiotics and coenzymes
Jones, Roger A.
Modified/labeled DNA fragments: synthesis and characterization
Knapp, Spencer
Total synthesis of natural products and the development of new synthetic methods
Kohn, Joachim
Biotechnology, synthesis of biopolymers, peptide chemistry
Lee, Jeehiun Katherine
Biophysical organic and analytical chemistry, computational chemistry, mass spectrometry, study of chemical reactivity, recognition, and catalysis
Lee, Ki-Bum
Develop and integrate nanotechnologies and chemical functional genomics
Moss, Robert A.
Organic chemistry in aggregates, chemistry of reactive intermediates
Romsted, Laurence S.
Membrane mimetic/micellar/association colloid chemistry, chemical trapping via arenediazonium ions/reaction mechanisms
Roth, Heinz D.
Chemistry of reactive intermediates, nuclear spin polarization, electron spin resonance
Seidel, Daniel
Organic synthesis and methodology, Asymmetric catalysis using organocatalysts, transition metals and multi-component systems
Taylor, John
Bioactive peptide design and synthesis, protein engineering, ligand-receptor interactions
Warmuth, Ralf
Host-guest chemistry and peptide chemistry
Williams, Lawrence J.
Computational & experimental mechanistic studies. New reaction discovery and method development. Synthesis of functional materials, including complex bio-active and natural products.
Zhang, Xumu
Synthetic organic, inorganic and organometallic chemistry, transition metal catalyzed asymmetric reactions for the synthesis of biologically active compounds, biomimetic chemistry, ...