Research Area

Biophysical Chemistry

Arnold, Edward
Crystallographic studies of human viruses and viral proteins, molecular design
Baum, Jean
Structural studies of proteins by nuclear magnetic resonance techniques
Berman, Helen M.
X-ray crystallographic and molecular modelling studies of biological molecules
Breslauer, Kenneth J.
Biopolymer structures and drug-nucleic acid interactions
Burley, Stephen K
Structural biology, drug discovery, clinical medicine and oncology
Case, David
Theoretical / Computational
Chen, Kuang Yu
Biophysical and biological chemistry, polyamines in cancer and aging
Dismukes, Charles
Renewable solar based fuels, chemical catalysis for energy, microbial metabolism for fuels, photosynthesis, bioinorganic chemistry
Ebright, Richard H.
Protein-DNA interaction, protein engineering, regulation of gene expression
Jones, Roger A.
Modified/labeled DNA fragments: synthesis and characterization
Khare, Sagar D.
Computational and experimental studies of molecular recognition
Lee, Jeehiun Katherine
Biophysical organic and analytical chemistry, computational chemistry, mass spectrometry, study of chemical reactivity, recognition, and catalysis
Lee, Ki-Bum
Develop and integrate nanotechnologies and chemical functional genomics
Marcotrigiano, Joseph
Crystallographic studies of hepatitis C viral proteins
Nieuwkoop, Andrew Jon
Solid-state NMR of proteins and membranes. Focusing on proton detection and very fast MAS.
Olson, Wilma K.
Theoretical studies of nucleic acid conformation, properties, and interactions
Taylor, John
Bioactive peptide design and synthesis, protein engineering, ligand-receptor interactions
Wang, Lu
Our group utilizes theoretical and computational tools to elucidate the structure, dynamics and spectroscopy of biological systems.
York, Darrin M.
The development and application of multi-scale quantum methods for simulations of biological reactions.