Eddy Arnold

Arnold, Edward

Research Descriptor: Crystallographic studies of human viruses and viral proteins, molecular design
Location: CABM 016
Phone: 732-235-5323
Email: arnold @ cabm.rutgers.edu

Asefa, Tewodros

Asefa, Tewodros

Research Descriptor: Nanoparticles and core-shell nanoparticles with novel structures and multifunctional groups and their properties and applications...
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 142
Phone: 848-445-2970
Email: tewodros.asefa @ rutgers.edu

Jean Baum

Baum, Jean

Research Descriptor: Structural studies of proteins by nuclear magnetic resonance techniques
Location: Proteomics 308N
Phone: 848-445-5254 and 848-445-5666
Email: baum @ chem.rutgers.edu

Berman, Helen M.

Berman, Helen M.

Research Descriptor: X-ray crystallographic and molecular modelling studies of biological molecules
Location: Proteomics
Phone: 848-445-4667
Email: berman @ rcsb.rutgers.edu

Boikess, Robert S

Boikess, Robert S

Research Descriptor: General Chemistry texts, multi-lecturer course development and coordination
Location: Wright Rieman Labs
Phone: 848-445-4415
Email: rsb937 @ gmail.com

John Brennan

Brennan, John

Research Descriptor: Molecular and solid-state inorganic chemistry, thin films and nanometer-sized clusters
Location: Wright Rieman Labs
Phone: 848-445-5677
Email: brennan @ chem.rutgers.edu

Ken Breslauer

Breslauer, Kenneth J.

Research Descriptor: Biopolymer structures and drug-nucleic acid interactions
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 142
Phone: 848-445-3956
Email: kjbdna @ rci.rutgers.edu

Stephen K. Burley

Burley, Stephen K.

Research Descriptor: Structural biology, drug discovery, clinical medicine and oncology
Location: Proteomics
Phone: +18484454903
Email: sburley @ proteomics.rutgers.edu

David Case

Case, David

Research Descriptor: Theoretical / Computational
Location: Proteomics
Phone: 848-445-5885
Email: david.case @ rutgers.edu

Edward W. Castner Jr.

Castner Jr., Edward W.

Research Descriptor: Ultrafast laser spectroscopy in condensed phases, electron-transfer and solvation dynamics
Location: Wright Rieman Labs
Phone: 848-445-2564
Email: ed.castner @ rutgers.edu

Kuang Yu Chen

Chen, Kuang Yu

Research Descriptor: Biophysical and biological chemistry, polyamines in cancer and aging
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 142
Phone: 848-445-3739
Email: kychen @ chem.rutgers.edu

Martha Cotter

Cotter, Martha

Research Descriptor: Theoretical studies of liquid crystalline systems
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 158
Phone: 732-445-2259
Email: martha.cotter @ chem.rutgers.edu

Gerard C. Dismukes

Dismukes, Gerard C.

Research Descriptor: Renewable solar based fuels, chemical catalysis for energy, microbial metabolism for fuels, photosynthesis, bioinorganic chemistry
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 211
Phone: 848-445-1489
Email: dismukes @ chem.rutgers.edu

Richard H. Ebright

Ebright, Richard H.

Research Descriptor: Protein-DNA interaction, protein engineering, regulation of gene expression
Location: Waksman Institute 201A
Phone: 848-445-5179
Email: ebright @ mbcl.rutgers.edu

Paul G. Falkowski_v2

Falkowski, Paul G.

Research Descriptor: Biogeochemical cycles, photosynthesis, biological oceanography, molecular biology, biochemistry and biophysics, physiological adaptation, plant physiology, evolution, mathematical ...
Location: Marine Sciences 318D
Phone: 732-932-6555 x370
Email: falko @ imcs.rutgers.edu

Eric L. Garfunkel

Garfunkel, Eric

Research Descriptor: Nanoscience and technology, nanoelectronics, surface and interface science, materials for alternative energy, nanowires, catalysis, sensors, organic electronics, nanotoxicology
Location: Wright Rieman Labs
Phone: 848-445-2747
Email: egarf @ rutgers.edu

Alan Goldman

Goldman, Alan

Research Descriptor: Organometallic chemistry: reactions, mechanisms, photochemistry, and catalysis
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 180
Phone: 848-445-5232
Email: alan.goldman @ rutgers.edu

Martha Greenblatt

Greenblatt, Martha

Research Descriptor: Solid-State Chemistry: correlated electronic low-dimensional transition metal oxides and chalcogenides, superconductors, ionic conductors, catalysts for water oxidation
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 134A
Phone: 848-445-3277
Email: martha @ rutchem.rutgers.edu

Gene Hall

Hall, Gene

Research Descriptor: Applied analytical chemistry, trace analysis of environmental and geological samples
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 288
Phone: 848-445-2590
Email: gene @ genehall.com

Hayes, Robert

Hayes, Robert

Location: Wright Rieman Labs
Phone: 848-445-8648 58648
Email: rh580 @ rutgers.edu

Gregory Herzog

Herzog, Gregory

Research Descriptor: Origin and evolution of solar system materials, cosmogenic radionuclides
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 280
Phone: 848-445-3955
Email: herzog @ rutchem.rutgers.edu

Jane Hinch

Hinch, Jane

Research Descriptor: Molecular beam-surface interactions, surface diffractive techniques
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 180A
Phone: 848-445-0663
Email: jhinch @ rutchem.rutgers.edu

Leslie Jimenez

Jimenez, Leslie

Research Descriptor: Synthesis and characterization of analogues of antitumor antibiotics and coenzymes
Location: Wright Rieman Labs
Phone: 732-445-0641
Email: jimenez @ rutchem.rutgers.edu

Roger Jones

Jones, Roger

Research Descriptor: Modified/labeled DNA fragments: synthesis and characterization
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 142
Phone: 848-445-4900
Email: r.jones @ rutgers.edu

Sagar Khare

Khare, Sagar

Research Descriptor: Computational and experimental studies of molecular recognition
Location: Proteomics
Email: sagar.khare @ rutgers.edu

Spencer Knapp

Knapp, Spencer

Research Descriptor: Total synthesis of natural products and the development of new synthetic methods
Location: Wright Rieman Labs
Phone: 848-445-2627
Email: spencer.knapp @ rutgers.edu

Joachim Kohn

Kohn, Joachim

Research Descriptor: Biotechnology, synthesis of biopolymers, peptide chemistry
Location: Life Sciences 101
Phone: 848-445-3888
Email: kohn @ dls.rutgers.edu

Karsten Krogh-Jespersen

Krogh-Jespersen, Karsten

Research Descriptor: Computational studies of molecular electronic structure
Location: Wright Rieman Labs
Phone: 848-445-4241
Email: kroghjes @ rutgers.edu

Jeehiun Katherine Lee

Lee, Jeehiun Katherine

Research Descriptor: Biological and organic chemical reactivity, recognition, and catalysis
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 382
Phone: 848-445-6562
Email: jeehiun @ rci.rutgers.edu

KiBum Lee

Lee, KiBum

Research Descriptor: Develop and integrate nanotechnologies and chemical functional genomics
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 142
Phone: 848-445-2081
Email: kblee @ rci.rutgers.edu

Jing Li

Li, Jing

Research Descriptor: Inorganic and solid-state chemistry, hybrid semiconductors and nanostructured materials, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 207
Phone: 848-445-3758
Email: jingli @ chem.rutgers.edu

Location: Wright Rieman Labs
Robert A Moss

Moss, Robert A

Research Descriptor: Organic chemistry in aggregates, chemistry of reactive intermediates
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 386
Phone: 848-445-2606
Email: rmoss @ rci.rutgers.edu

Nieuwkoop, Andrew Jon

Nieuwkoop, Andrew Jon

Location: Wright Rieman Labs 311
Phone: 848-445-2626
Email: an567 @ rutgers.edu

Deirdre OCarroll

O'Carroll, Deirdre

Research Descriptor: Our group is focused on nanoscale engineering of the efficiency and direction of light absorption and light emission in photonic devices which employ organic polymeric semiconductor ...
Location: McLaren Center 218
Phone: 848-445-1496
Email: deirdre.ocarroll @ rutgers.edu

Wilma Olson

Olson, Wilma

Research Descriptor: Theoretical studies of nucleic acid conformation, properties, and interactions
Location: Wright Rieman Labs
Phone: 848-445-3993
Email: wilma.olson @ rutgers.edu

Larry & Jean Romsted

Romsted, Larry

Research Descriptor: Membrane mimetic/micellar/association colloid chemistry, chemical trapping via arenediazonium ions/reaction mechanisms
Location: Wright Rieman Labs
Phone: 848-445-3639
Email: romsted @ chem.rutgers.edu

Heinz D. Roth

Roth, Heinz D.

Research Descriptor: Chemistry of reactive intermediates, nuclear spin polarization, electron spin resonance
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 384
Phone: 732-445-5664
Email: roth @ chem.rutgers.edu

Daniel Seidel

Seidel, Daniel

Research Descriptor: Organic synthesis and methodology, Asymmetric catalysis using organocatalysts, transition metals and multi-component systems
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 159
Phone: 848-445-6921
Email: seidel @ rutchem.rutgers.edu

John Taylor

Taylor, John

Research Descriptor: Bioactive peptide design and synthesis, protein engineering, ligand-receptor interactions
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 278
Phone: 848-445-0515
Email: jwtaylor @ rci.rutgers.edu

Lu Wang

Wang, Lu

Research Descriptor: Our group utilizes theoretical and computational tools to elucidate the structure, dynamics and spectroscopy of biological systems.
Location: Proteomics
Phone: 848-445-4555
Email: lwang @ proteomics.rutgers.edu

Ralf Warmuth

Warmuth, Ralf

Research Descriptor: Host-guest chemistry and peptide chemistry
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 380
Phone: 848-445-8432
Email: warmuth @ rutgers.edu

Lawrence J. Williams

Williams, Lawrence J.

Research Descriptor: Computational & experimental mechanistic studies. New reaction discovery and method development. Synthesis of functional materials, including complex bio-active and natural products.
Location: Wright Rieman Labs 276
Phone: 732-445-7916
Email: lwilliams @ chem.rutgers.edu

Darrin York

York, Darrin

Research Descriptor: The development and application of multi-scale quantum methods for simulations of biological reactions.
Location: Proteomics
Phone: 848-445-5199
Email: darrin.york @ rutgers.edu

Xumu Zhang

Zhang, Xumu

Research Descriptor: Synthetic organic, inorganic and organometallic chemistry, transition metal catalyzed asymmetric reactions for the synthesis of biologically active compounds, biomimetic chemistry, ...
Location: Wright Rieman Labs
Phone: 814-880-4373
Email: xumu.zhang @ rutgers.edu