Chemistry Major - Forensic Chemistry Option (M)

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and the Program in Criminal Justice have created a new option for chemistry majors: Forensic Chemistry. It is intended for undergraduate students with a strong career interest in forensic science.

The option consists of courses offered by the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, the Program in Criminal Justice, and in several other departments. It includes a year-long sequence in Forensic Science and a laboratory in Instrumental analysis. The aim of the program is to ensure that students who complete it will be technically competent, well versed in the scientific principles that underlie their work, and well informed about the societal and institutional criminal justice settings in which they do it.

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Forensic Chemistry Option and Typical Schedule
Fall Spring
General Chemistry Lecture (4.0 cr)1
 01:160:161 OR
General Chemistry Lecture (4.0 cr)
 01:160:162 OR
General Chemistry Laboratory (1.0 cr)
01:160:171 Either fall or spring

Calculus I (4.0 cr)

Criminal Justice (3.0 cr)

Calculus II (4.0 cr)

Police (3.0 cr)

Fall Spring

Organic Chemistry Lecture (4.0 cr)
 01:160:307 OR
 01:160:3152 (by invitation)


General Physics (3.0 cr)


General Physics Lab (1.0 cr)


Statistics (3.0 cr)

Organic Chemistry Lecture (4.0 cr)
 01:160:308 OR


Organic Chemistry Laboratory3  (2.5 cr)


General Physics (3.0 cr)


General Physics Lab (1.0 cr)


Criminal Procedure (3.0 cr)

Fall Spring

 01:694:407 Molecular Biology and Biochemistry OR
 11:115:403 General Biochemistry (3)


Organic Chemistry Laboratory (2.5 cr)


Chemical Bonding (1.5 cr)

General Biology4




Analytical Chemistry (3.0 cr)


Inorganic Chemistry (3.0 cr)

Fall Spring

Seminar (1.0 cr)


Forensic Science (3.0 cr)


Instrumental Analysis (3.0 cr)

Seminar (1.0 cr)


Forensic Science (3.0 cr)


Forensic Chemistry Option: Course and Scheduling Notes

1 Pre-calculus prerequisite
2 By invitation only.
3 Chem 309 is offered in the spring only; Chem 310 is offered only in the fall only.
4 The first semester of General Biology, 01:119 may be offered in the spring semester starting in 2016.
5 Chem 361 and 371 may be deferred for either one or two semesters, if desired. Both 361 and 371 are offered fall and spring. Chem 371 has Chem 361 and Chem 308 or 316 as pre-requisites.
6 Chem 348 has Chem 251 as a pre-requisite. Chem 348 is offered in the fall only; Chem 251 is offered both fall and spring.