Chemistry Major - Core Option

The Core Option provides a basic grounding in chemical principles and skills and requires the fewest courses of all options for the major in Chemistry. It is often selected by students who plan to attend medical school or professional school or to find employment in industry immediately after graduation. This option does not offer certification by the American Chemical Society.

The schedule shown is only for first-year students who have had pre-calculus. Students who have not had pre-calculus and transfer students should discuss their schedules with an advisor in the Chemistry Department.

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Core Option and Typical Schedule
Fall Spring
General Chemistry Lecture (4.0 cr)1
 01:160:161 OR
General Chemistry Lecture (4.0 cr)
 01:160:162 OR
General Chemistry Laboratory (1.0 cr)
01:160:171 Either fall or spring
Calculus I (4.0 cr)
Calculus II (4.0 cr)
Fall Spring

Organic Chemistry Lecture (4.0 cr)
 01:160:307 OR
 01:160:3152 (by invitation)


Analytical Chemistry (3.0 cr)


General Physics (3.0 cr)


General Physics Lab (1.0 cr)


Multivariable Calculus (4.0 cr)

Organic Chemistry Lecture (4.0 cr)
 01:160:308 OR


Organic Chemistry Laboratory3  (2.5 cr)


General Physics (3.0 cr)


General Physics Lab (1.0 cr)


Linear Algebra (3.0 cr)
 01:640:250 OR
Elementary Differential Equations (3.0 cr)

Fall Spring

Physical Chemistry Lecture (3.0 cr)
 01:160:3274 OR


Organic Chemistry Laboratory2 (2.5 cr)


Chemical Bonding (1.5 cr)


Instrumental Analysis (3.0 cr)

Physical Chemistry Lecture (3.0 cr)
 01:160:328 OR


Experimental Physical Chemistry (2.5 cr)


Inorganic Chemistry (3.0 cr)

Fall Spring
Seminar (1.0 cr)
Seminar (1.0 cr)


Core Option: Course and Scheduling Notes

1 Pre-calculus prerequisite
2 By invitation only.
3 Chem 309 is offered in the spring only; Chem 310 is offered only in the fall only.
4 Chemistry 327 and 341 have Math 251 as a pre-requisite, not as a co-requisite.
  Chemistry 327-328 is acceptable for all Chemistry majors and is required for the Chemical Physics Option.
  Chemistry 341-342 is recommended for students oriented toward the life sciences, and for students taking the Chemical Biology option.
5Chem 348 has Chem 251 as a pre-requisite. Chem 348 is offered in the fall only; Chem 251 is offered both fall and spring.
6Chem 361 and 371 may be deferred for either one or two semesters, if desired. Both 361 and 371 are offered fall and spring. Chem 371 has Chem 361 and Chem 308 or 316 as pre-requisites.