If you have questions about advising or related issues (see examples below), the most reliable way to get a response is to send an e-mail to the Vice Chair of the Undergraduate program, Ralf Warmuth

with a copy to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Shaneika Nelson

You can also telephone, but experience shows that telephoning is usually less satisfactory than writing for several reasons: we may not be available; call-back information on voice-mail is often hard to understand; details are easily lost; you may be unavailable when we call back; and perhaps most importantly, we will have no written record of your request. If telephone is the only way, however, you can find our numbers at:

Appointments to discuss course selection and program design

We are glad to discuss course selection and program design and will try to find a time to meet that fits your schedule. Please send us an e-mail to set up an appointment.