2017 Undergraduate Achievement Awards

CRODA Awards:

Akshay Kamath was recognized as an Outstanding Student in Sophomore Chemistry Classes for Excellence in Organic Chemistry.

Molly Cunningham was recognized as an Outstanding Student in Junior Organic Chemistry Laboratory for Excellence in Organic Chemistry Laboratory.

Erica Weber, Tiffany Yang, Srikaran Kalahasti, Brian Rinelli, Tianlei Wang, Christina Signore, and Enmar Alharfoush were recognized as Outstanding Students in Introductory Chemistry Classes.


Junior Award:

John Weber received the Ning Moeller Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement by a Chemistry Major in their Junior Year.


Senior Awards:

Ankur Dalsania received the Bruce Garth Award for General Academic Excellence & Research

Nil Rawal received the Van Dyke Award for Academic Excellence & Research in Chemistry


Coursework Awards:

John Weber received the Phyllis Dunbar Award for Excellence in Physical Chemistry.

Ryan Levy received the ACS Analytical Division Award for Excellence in Instrumental Analysis.

Dina Abdelsalam and Benjamin Thieberger received the ACS-Hach Land Grant Undergraduate Scholarship for Outstanding Chemistry Major with an Interest in Teaching High School Chemistry.

Maria Vishnyakova received the ACS Inorganic Division Award for Excellence in Inorganic Chemistry.

Long Mui received the ACS POLYED Undergraduate Chemistry Award for Outstanding Performance in Organic Chemistry by a Chemistry Major.

Nil Rawal received the Hypercube Award for Excellence in Chemical Physics.

Xiaofan Tian received the Rufus Kleinmans Award for Excellence in Honors General Chemistry.

Azadeh Nemati-Rad and Maria Gomez received the Roger Sweet Award for Excellence in Organic Chemistry.

Deep Vakil received the award for Excellence in Chemistry Course Support.


Phi Beta Kappa Initiates:

Helaina Ghanem, Timothy Goetjen, Se Won Hwang and Qining Wang were elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Society.


Computational Award Donated by Kevin J. Theisen:

Matthew Emerson received the iChemLabs Award for Excellence in Computational Chemistry and Informatics.


Van Dyke (Joined Queens College in 1871) Award:

The following students were recognized for their Excellence in Teaching a Chemistry Lab: William Radin and Emily de Stefanis


CCB Undergraduate Service Award:

The following students were recognized for their strong record of Participation, Outreach, and Departmental Service: Samuel Birrer, Ankur Dalsania, Matthew Emerson, and Hyejin Kim.


Graduating With Honors:

The following students graduated with Honors: Timothy Goetjen, Daniel Polyak, Ankur Dalsania, Timothy Lee, and Nil Rawal.


Lonesdale Scholarships:

Ngoc Giang, Jang Suk Roh, William Radin and John Weber received the Lonsdale Scholarship allwowing chemistry majors the opportunity to devote themselves to full-time study.


Publications Featuring Undergraduate Researchers:

A. K. Dalsania, J. Kohl, C. E. Kumah, Z. Shen, C. E. Petoukhoff, C. M. Carter, D. M. O’Carroll.
“Effects of Metal Film Thickness and Gain on the Coupling of Organic Semiconductor Exciton Emission to Surface Plasmon Polaritons”.
J. Mater. Chem. C 4, 10111-10119 (2016).

Wang, H.; Wang, Q.N.; Teat, S.J.; Olson, D.H.; Li, J.                 
“Synthesis, Structure, and Selective Gas Adsorption of a Single-Crystalline Zirconium Based Microporous Metal-Organic Framework”.
Cryst. Growth & Des., (2017).