2014 Undergraduate Achievement Awards

Croda Awards:

- Ingrid Erazo, Amy Huang, Yu Hsuan Lin, Hector Lisboa received the General Chemistry 161-162 & 162 Solid Gems Award for Excellence in General Chemistry.

- Jonathan Fetherol, Yaniv Tivon were recognized as an Outstanding Student in Sophomore Chemistry Classes for Excellence in Organic Chemistry.

- Courtney Yurecko was recognized as an Outstanding Student in Junior Organic Chemistry Laboratory for Excellence in Organic Chemistry Laboratory.


Coursework Awards:

- Nil Rawal, Maria Vishnyakova received The Rufus Kleinhans Award for Excellence in Honors General Chemistry.

- Julia Dreifus, Diana Torres-Pinzon received The Roger Sweet Award for Excellence in Organic Chemistry.

- Xiaoming Liu received The Phyllis Dunbar Award for Excellence in Physical Chemistry.

- Neil Patel received the ACS Inorganic Division Award for Excellence in Inorganic Chemistry.

- Zahara Bakhtiar received the ACS Analytical Division Award for Excellence in Instrumental Analysis.

- Walter Drake received The Hypercube Award for Excellence in Chemical Physics.

Junior Award:

- David Rehe received The Ning Moeller Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement by a Chemistry Major in the Junior Year.


Senior Awards:

- Sarah Goodman received The Bruce Garth Award for General Academic Excellence & Research.

- Deepak Gupta received The Van Dyke Award for Academic Excellence & Research in Chemistry.

- Neyra Jemal received the Sanofi-Aventis Award for Excellence in Synthetic Organic Chemistry

- Aaron Levin received the Enzon Award for Outstanding Senior Chemistry Major


Chemical Resources Awards
Donated by Paul Keimig:

- Neil Patel, Richa Rana, Christopher Sowa, Courtney Yurecko received the Chemical Resources Award for Distinction in Research.

- Milos Cejkov, Alicja Cygan, Jessalyn Devine, Christopher Kaplan, Charles Kreisel received the Chemical Resources Award for Highest Distinction in Research.

Phi Beta Kappa Initiates:

- Casey Hamilton, Neyra Jemal, Charles Kreisel, Laura Sammon, Jeffrey Sun were elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Society.


Computational Award
Donated by Kevin J. Theisen:

- Brady Forcier received the Chemdoodle Award for Excellence in Computational Chemistry & Informatics.


Van Dyke Award:

The following students were recognized for their excellence in teaching a chemistry lab: Milos Cejkov, Alicja Cygan, Sarah Goodman, Neyra Jemal, Charles Kreisel, Aaron Levin, David Rehe, Jonathan Tadros, Austin Wenta.


CCB Undergraduate Service Award:

The officers of the Chemistry Society were recognized for their participation, outreach, and departmental service. President: Richa Rana, Vice-President: Rose Soskind, Treasurer: Kyle Yeung, Secretary: Alex Bahia, Historian: Emily Fitzgerald, Public Relations: Katelyn Duchemin.


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